Why WordPress Sucks

I started this blog using a custom made CMS, but after a few years, I moved to WordPress. I wanted to use WordPress and not any other software at the time, because WP has a lot of free plugins and themes.

And is not only me. Anyone who wants to start a new blog, the sure thing is that he is going with WP. But as you will see, WP is not the best option out there.

WP’s main problem is performance. Its database structure looks like a mess. Everything a plugin does, literally everything, is being stored in three main tables, ‘posts’, ‘postmeta’ and ‘term_relationships’.

Posts, revisions, trashed posts, image attachments, custom_css items, emails, BBpress posts and replies, shop items, everything goes to ‘posts’ table. Everything else, like ‘attached filenames’, IDs from everything, goes to ‘postmeta’ table.

This DB structure is a bad practice. After many posts, attachments and any other data from the plugins, load the DB in a way that affects performance.

Even each post’s ‘related’ posts are stored in the DB too, instead to a local cache file for better performance. This loads even more the DB and make the site very slow every time it queries the data.

Out of the box, WP has no caching either at the server or browser level, no minification, nothing! Add some plugins and this make WP’s performance even worse. And the solution to that? More plugins for caching, html minification, security and more. And adding all those plugins, presents further impacts on performance.

WP works better on very expensive hosting. WP runs best on wordpress.com or similar service, and such a hosting provider costs a lot.

Most WP’s plugins are old and they never purge them, because most of them still work, even if the most of them are insecure. This makes WP seems like have thousands of plugins, but the truth is that a lot of them are trash.

You better try another solutions, especially if you are planning to start a new blog. There are many options out there, free and paid, with a lot of free plugins and themes.

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