Play Tomb Raider From Your Browser

Tomb Raider is one of the best PS1 games and one of the series’ best (if not the best). Now you can play it online from your browser, with some improvements.

In this version, the game runs over 30FPS from the original title, and you can also change with the first person perspective.

To play the game, simply visit this page and wait for the game to load. Currently, only one level is available, City of Vilcabamba, although you can load extra levels through the iso of the game (if you have it at your disposal).

This project is not just an iso file running through an emulator, but a game developed from scratch. The OpenTomb team, as the project called, could not get the original game code from Square Enix, so they decided to make the game from scratch by writing their own machine, which they even give for free.

You can play the game with the keyboard, but using a program like Keysticks, you can connect any controller you want.

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