A Cemu GUI tool is available

A new GUI for Cemu, the Nintendo Wii U emulator, that allows you to launch games but also to download the corresponding covers similar to what CoverFlow can do, is available.

It supports the Xbox 360 controller, so you can use it (or a keyboard) to navigate the games. Download it from here.


How to add game:
To automatic cover download:
Name the game folder like this:
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [ALZE01]
New Super Mario Bros U [ARPE01]

1) Open Add Game.exe
2) choose cemu.exe
3) Choose game path (ex: Pikmin 3 [AC3P01])
4) Choose your option like Fullscreen or Intel HT
5) Click on Make Batch button

Next Open CemuGUI.exe. You are done.

To update exit CemuGUI and launch Software Update.exe

Update v1.0.2:
Added support for meta folder in Games directory for splash screen
Added about and changelog files

Update v1.0.1:
Added possibility to launch .exe .bat and .lnk files from Binary folder
Added Fanart folder for splash screen during launching game

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