PS4 slim edition teardown

It is assumed that, in theory, tomorrow Sony officially will present the new PS4 Slim version. But that has not prevented a number of people who have been getting in their hands the console. Such is the case of this subject prior to the conference tomorrow, who he has decided to make a video which shows the components of this new version of the PlayStation 4.

Links-Tech is the name of the user who shared few days ago the three videos below. In them the user opened the new version of the console to show the internal structure the system will have. Next to it also teaches us through some photographs many of the pieces comprising the small PS4.

While that seems real, it is worth noting that no one should not completely rule out the possibility that the videos are fake. This is because, after it was revealed, some users who claim to have the PS4 Slim also mention that the console is not so and that what Links-Tech is not more than a piece surely command the user to print in 3D.

For any case it is best to wait until tomorrow to see if Sony ends up confirming what is supposed to know already for several weeks.

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