An animated film from Majora’s Mask that it look amazing

Will Nintendo ever be encouraged to make a movie of The Legend of Zelda? That may not know until a few years but, for now, we can go appeasing this concern with the diverse and amazing projects that make the fans as it is this trailer, which shows us how great it would look like an animated tape Majora’s Mask.

The study Ember Lab team together Theophany, both declared fans of the series The Legend of Zelda, recently released the first preview of what will be the short animated film they have made ​​based on the popular N64 game, Majora’s Mask. Although brief, the trailer shows us the incredible attention that have made the game, which it expected to be ready this year.

It is not for nothing but if you see the brief glimpse, and we will see how amazing you the final video. Surely it is going to look majestic.

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