Super Smash Bros knock off releases for Mobile in China tomorrow

Along with Sepia Go!, Today has been released in the App Stores of China a new game called Pocket Smash Bros. All-Stars which, as can be read in the description of the title, is a crossover fight with several of the characters we’ve seen appear in Super Smash Bros. Along with this also highlights the presence of various elements of their interfaces and gameplay, which are nothing but the same as we have seen already in other popular games the big N.

Although the title and description refer directly to the famous Nintendo crossover reference fights when his gameplay looks can see that this is more like a turn – based RPG, with a similar pattern to that seen in the Mario & Luigi series. However and compared to, the emergence of more elements that enrich itself and questionable gameplay as are a greater number of characters on screen, customized for each team member or animations of some more elaborate form attacks can be seen.

Indeed it continues to surprise us that folly of the Chinese for wanting fusilarse absolutely everything they see in the world to make their own copies. We would not be surprised to see that in the coming days, Nintendo decides to be liked with a threat of demand. I mean, the reason for that would be too obvious, right?

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